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Learn how online stores can grow profitably at
6-7 figures with a new system
AI-based scaling

Is Marketing Stressing You Out? Strategies don't bear fruit, campaigns don't convert?

Relax! Our AI-powered personalized plan makes marketing simple. Stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns and unproductive tactics. Choose a smart approach that will bring you the results you want. Let us guide you to success!

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We understand that scaling your business is almost impossible due to the cost of advertising and attracting attention in such a competitive market.

That's why we use AI to deliver fast and effective content that proves to stand out, and we also use carefully crafted funnels to lower CPA and increase ROAS.

We are your marketing director
we treat your business as if it were our own

We know and understand the challenges that e-commerce entails. That's why we provide you with a team that creates strategies adapted to your needs and goals.


Automate your systems and processes with the power of AI

We work with at least 15 AI tools that can fully automate all of your marketing processes, making it easy for you to scale and grow on autopilot. Sounds hard to believe, doesn't it?

Lightning Fast ⚡

We are able to deliver quality work in the shortest possible time. Do you need an urgent work prepared? Say no more. Now you don't have to wait 48 or 72 hours. We can make it for you in less than 4 hours.


Done-For-You Services

Our team works with you to identify the actions with the greatest impact, ensuring strategic alignment and effective execution.


It's not that 1 million euro offer that everyone is talking about, it's even BETTER 💰

Maybe the "million dollar offer" sounds good, but does it really deliver the results you need?

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Ads made with AI

Step into the future of advertising. Our AI models learn from campaign data in real-time, predicting trends and anticipating customer behavior. This proactive approach keeps your ads one step ahead of the competition.

AI-powered design

Your brand's unique voice, amplified by AI. Our technology understands your style preferences and adapts the design to match. It can generate your custom visuals, adapt your layouts for different platforms and ensure consistency.

SEO made with AI

Let AI handle the technical complexity of SEO. Our tools audit your website structure, identify errors, and generate optimized code to improve your site's searchability and indexability.

Email Marketing made with AI

Send the right message to the right person at the right time. Our AI technology analyzes customer behavior, preferences and purchase history to personalize your email campaigns at scale.

We might be a perfect match if

You can quickly assess challenges, find creative solutions and adapt your approach as needed, remaining flexible even when unexpected obstacles arise.

You are adaptable and solution-oriented

Don't be intimidated by new technologies and actively seek ways to leverage AI to outperform competitors and gain an edge in the marketplace.

You have a growth mindset and see AI as an acceleration tool

You are willing to challenge the traditional

You recognize that past success does not guarantee future results, and you are prepared to adapt strategies for better results, even if this means changing familiar processes.

You prioritize a long-term vision

You focus on building a sustainable business with a clear trajectory instead of looking for temporary solutions.

We may NOT be a good match if

You struggle to delegate

You prefer to take care of everything yourself and find it difficult to entrust important tasks to others.

You avoid taking risks

You prefer to play it safe and avoid any potential for failure rather than embrace calculated risks for growth.

You are skeptical of AI

You believe that AI is a fundamental threat to the way things should be done, and you oppose technological advancement in your field.

You are hesitant to expand

You are comfortable with your current workload and are not interested in taking on larger projects or growing your clientele.


Meet the team behind your success

Welcome to IMH Media Network! We are more than just a digital marketing company - we are a team of friends who have been in the business trenches together for years. We've seen what works, what doesn't, and frankly, we're tired of seeing a lot of shiny promises with no real results in the world of online marketing.

That's why we decided to do things differently, to build something fueled by our friendship, our experience and our genuine desire to help businesses like yours truly shine.


Alexander Mihalcea

/Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Andrei Modrea

/Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Alex Preda

/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Let's talk! We would love to hear from you!

We know everyone says they have limited seats available. We do the same. But we will always make sure we have time for you. So book a call and let's build something great together. Now is the perfect time to do it!

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